What you need to know about whole-home inspections.

What’s a whole-home inspection? Let’s talk about it:

A whole-home inspection is an assessment of the entire home. It is typically paid for by the buyer, costs somewhere around $300 or $500, and lasts one or two hours. The buyer does this so that they learn about any issues with their potential future home. 

This inspection covers items such as electricity, plumbing, roofing, appliances, and more. The inspector does a non-invasive inspection and provides a report at the end. Some financing requires this inspection, so make sure all parties know what needs to be done. 

No home will be perfect, and a seller is under no obligation to fix any issues. If your report finds issues you want to take care of, your agent can help you negotiate the purchase price, or the seller could include a credit to help pay for repairs once you buy the home. 

Not every issue can be fixed, so make sure you have a great agent to help you negotiate terms. If you have any questions, please call or email us. We are always willing to help!