In our low-inventory market, here’s how buyers and sellers stack up.

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What’s the latest news from our York County market?

To answer that, we want to tell you the story of how one of our sellers sold their home for $35,000 over asking price. They listed the home for $280,000, which means the offer was for $315,000, and it included great terms that allowed them to settle whenever they wanted. They were looking at buying a new construction home next, but the agent for that home informed them she couldn’t accept an offer that was contingent on their current home selling first. She then told them to list their home as soon as they could and get an offer on it. Only then would she be able to accept an offer.

Our clients loved this new construction home, so the next day they put a ‘for sale’ sign in their yard. They were able to keep their house very clean and were so efficient at letting people in for showings, and their effort was what led to their incredible offer. That’s the main takeaway from this story: Effort is what counts in this hot marketplace if you want to have the opportunity to accept an amazing offer and go after your next dream home. Once you put your home on the market, keep it clean and ready for as many showings as possible. With how low inventory is, it’s not hard to get an exceptional offer on your home.

On the flipside, with how quickly homes are coming off the market, we know this can sound overwhelming if you’re a buyer. That’s why you must put in the same effort in buying a home as our sellers did in selling one. This means putting your best foot forward for your initial offer. Just like their buyer, you need to be willing to settle whenever the seller wants to settle. Being open and submitting your best offer up front will make it so much better than the other offers.

“It’s critical that you work with an agent who’ll put their whole effort into accomplishing your goals.”

A key to writing a good offer is getting a pre-approval letter before you start looking at homes and making offers. In this market, we’re sometimes writing offers for our clients right after attending showings, and having a pre-approval letter handy is vital to getting your offer accepted. This letter shows sellers you’re serious about buying.

Whether you’re buying or selling in today’s market, it’s critical that you also work with an agent who’ll put their whole effort into accomplishing your goals. If you’re a buyer, especially, there are plenty of bumps and bruises along the way a good agent can help you deal with.

If you’d like our help in buying or selling a home or have questions about our York County market, call or email us anytime. We’d love to help you.