At the moment, it’s better to sell your current home before buying.

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The real estate market is still very competitive during the holidays, and one thing that’s been helping our buyers get their next home under contract is selling their current house first.

“It’s better to put your current home under contract before buying another.”

Put yourself in the seller’s shoes and imagine that you’ve received two similar offers on your property: One has no contingencies, the other has the contingency to sell their home before buying yours. Everything else is the same except for the contingency difference. You don’t know when that buyer’s house will sell. The market is hot, but we sometimes still see properties sit for a couple of months. Then, you could also run into issues with the buyer’s financing.

This demonstrates why it’s better to put your current home under contract before buying another; it helps you make a stronger offer to the seller. They’ll be more willing to choose your offer if it doesn’t have extra “what ifs” attached.

We’d love to walk alongside you during the process of selling and buying your next house. If you need anything or have questions, call or text us. We’d be glad to help you.