These seven improvements will have the biggest impact on your home sale.

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What are some simple and fairly inexpensive ways you can increase your home’s appeal so that it performs well online and woos buyers when they come to visit in person? Here are seven things that buyers respond to well:

  1. Neutral paint. It will give your home a fresh, crisp look at a low cost.

  2. Updated appliances. If yours are mismatched or getting up there in age, it’s a great idea to choose either a new matching black or stainless steel set for your kitchen.

  3. Fresh landscaping. Adding fresh flowers and mulch, removing dead plants, and neatly trimming bushes will give your home tremendous curb appeal.

  4. Updated kitchen and bathrooms. This, too, can easily be achieved with fresh paint and new knobs or handles.

  5. Power washed exterior. Get all of the cobwebs off and clear away any mystery grime on the siding.

  6. Replaced front door. Now, depending on the condition of the door, you may be able to grab buyers’ attention by simply painting it. If you don’t replace the door itself, then replace the other hardware and consider hanging a seasonal wreath for a nice touch.

  7. Stain and paint your deck or patio. After you power wash it, put some sealant on it for a polished look.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have any questions about these quick and easy projects, or real estate in general, please feel free to reach out via phone or email. We’re happy to hear from you and be of assistance.