These days, a pre-approval is essentially necessary before starting your home search.

The real estate market is moving quickly these days. Homes are selling extremely fast with multiple offers. Because of this, it’s super important to get a pre-approval before looking at homes, and as an agent, I’m not in the business to disappoint. Going to see homes that may or may not be in your budget could be bad news.

“Some agents require buyers to be pre-approved to tour a home.”

For example, I went to see a home recently with a client of mine and they loved it. Unfortunately, it sold before they could get in touch with their lender to get a pre-approval. My job is to allow a stress-free buying and selling process. The last thing I would want to do is get my clients excited about a future home only for them to be disappointed because we didn’t handle the financial process upfront.

Having a pre-approval looks great on you as a buyer because it shows sellers you’re prepared and serious. I’ve noticed a lot of agents asking recently that only pre-approved buyers tour the home.

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