I’m explaining the differences between a home inspection and an appraisal.

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This is a question I hear a lot: Is a home inspection the same as an appraisal? The quick answer is no, you’ll need both of these appointments.

A home inspection is a complete inspection of the house. They’ll check the electrical, plumbing, roof, crawl spaces, appliances, and more. That home inspector works for you. You pay the inspector to do a thorough analysis, you’re there, you’ll learn a bit about your new property, and they’ll write a list of things that could improve your home.

“The appraiser works for the bank, even though you pay them.”

You also have to get an appraisal. The appraiser works for the bank, even though you pay them. The appraisal is to determine value, not the condition of the house. The inspection and appraisal are two completely separate things.

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