We’re sharing four ways you can make buyers more interested in your home.

Today we’re going to go over the top home improvements sellers can do to make their homes more appealing for buyers:

1. Apply a fresh coat of neutral paint. A fresh coat of white or neutral paint gives the home a crisp, clean feel. It also lets the buyers imagine what they might do with the room.

2. Freshen up your landscaping. Keeping up with your grass, pulling weeds, or laying down a fresh layer of mulch can up your curb appeal and really make your lawn pop.

3. Update your appliances. If your appliances are mismatched or getting on in age, replacing them with black or stainless steel ones can boost the appeal of your kitchen.

4. Keep your bathroom clean. The last thing a buyer wants to walk in on is a dirty bathroom. Giving it a nice scrub, replacing the grout, and fixing knobs or nicks can leave a lasting impact on your buyers.

Those are our top four tips for sellers. If you’re thinking of selling, we would love to help you during your selling process. You can give us a call if you’re interested or even if you just have a  couple of questions.