Some people are waiting for prices to fall. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.

What if I told you that the home prices we’re seeing now won’t go down for another two years? We talk to many people who’ve decided to wait for prices to decrease. Sorry, you might be waiting a while.

Due to our current interest rates, economists expect this market to last over two years. If you want to wait that long, go for it, but there are a lot of opportunities today.

“There is just so much built-up demand for homes.”

Interest rates have been rising over the past few months, but they are still low compared to what we saw years ago. It’s a great chance to buy, especially if you’re looking to stay in that new home long term. Even if you’re looking to refinance, you can lock in a great monthly payment and get some money out of your house.

If you want to wait, you can, but interest rates will shoot up, and we wouldn’t be surprised if prices do too. There is so much built-up demand for homes because we stopped building new houses for over 10 years. We have so little inventory that it’s more difficult to get into a house.

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